Graphical Abstracts

Graphical abstracts are becoming a popular and effective way to communicate research findings in the field of neuroscience, and are sometimes even requested by journals. In order to help UCLA neuroscience students develop this skill, we host an annual Graphical Abstracts Competition during the Winter Quarter.

Any member of the UCLA community is welcome to participate as their focus is brain-related research. However, only currently-enrolled students (undergraduate or graduate) may compete. The winners of the annual competition are permanently featured on this page!

Winter 2021 Competition Winner

The 2021 Graphical Abstracts Competition was held on February 23rd. A big thanks to all of the competitors and to our faculty judge, Dr. Nanthia Suthana! After a series of fascinating presentations, NSIDP student Cassandra Klune was selected as this year's winner, with NSIDP student Zoë Dobler as runner-up. Congratulations! View the winning submission and read about its creator below.

About Cassandra:

Cassandra is a third-year neuroscience PhD student in the lab of Dr. Laura DeNardo. She completed a BSc with Honors in Neuroscience at the University of Calgary, where she conducted research on rodent pain assessment and the neural mechanisms of opioid addiction. Her PhD research focuses on the neural circuit maturation underlying avoidance behavior. As avoidance behavior is altered in multiple psychiatric illnesses, understanding the circuit development that contributes to avoidance can help us better understand how psychiatric illness may arise.

Title: Prefrontal Circuit Maturation and the Development of Avoidance Behavior


Winter 2021 Flyer and Instructions:

NCAG Graphical Abstracts Competition.pdf