Description of Program (AY 2021-2022)

Our goal is to bring together like-minded individuals who are interested in the dissemination of science and fostering interdisciplinary connections. The 2020-2021 academic year was the Neuroscience Communication Affinity Group’s inaugural year. We introduced BRI students to science communication and the applications of neuroscience research across society by hosting experts in science reporting, education, outreach, and policy. This year, we will advance to building our science communication skill-set. This affinity group will prepare BRI students to connect with audiences of varying academic backgrounds, professional interests, and STEM literacy.

Quarterly projects are designed not only to provide BRI students with training in communication and produce deliverables, but to engage the next generation of neuroscientists. Projects will be done in collaboration with nonprofit organizations in science education and outreach. Member-led discussions will offer a structure to delve into the relevant research and practice presenting material and receiving feedback. The workshops will provide education and guidance on topics not currently available, but no less important. The journal clubs will expose members to interdisciplinary topics, bolster critical thinking skills, and yield actionable results for engagement between the BRI community and the public.

Description of Program (AY 2020-2021)

Our goal is to engage students, faculty, and staff members of the Brain Research Institute community in deliberate conversations about the relationship between our research and society. While most scientists are well-versed in the medically translational aspects of their work, we aim to open a broader dialogue on the ways in which neuroscience research pertains to society and the effective dissemination of that research.

Effectively communicating research to other scientists, as well as to the general public and policymakers, is a fundamental part of being a scientist. Findings in neuroscience are particularly relevant to many aspects of public policy and lawmaking, but the pipeline of translating research into policy is difficult to navigate. This affinity group brings together scientists from within and beyond UCLA to gain experience in these critical skills.

Thank you to the Brain Research Institute at UCLA for funding our Affinity Group!